Treatment Options For Ball Of Foot Pain


Let me first answer the question ‘what is pain?’ Pain is a signal that alerts you to injury or harm. It exists so that we can avoid further damage.
Pain is necessary, but the source of this necessity can be debated. You could not have evolved to respond only to injury without also responding to other things that do not cause injury but are correlated with it.
Pain could be a part of you, connected to your self-hood, but it is not necessary for the concept of self. It may have been advantageous for our ancestors to feel pain due to injury.
The essential function of pain is to warn you about things that may cause harm and to motivate you to avoid these things. The idea of ‘pain’ can be broadly defined as anything that functions in this way.
Hurt feelings are painful, but they do not function in the same way as pain. They do not warn you of anything or have any causal role to play.
Hurt feelings are not a part of you. They do not belong to the same conceptual category as is pain, they have a different function which does not include warning or causing avoidance.

The ball of the foot is a part of a foot that is located between the arch in the foot and the toes. This part of the foot is important to the foot because it supports the weight that is transferred from the body to the heel during running or walking. This ensure that the weight of the body is evenly distributed throughout the foot during the activity which ensures a comfortable experience. This pain can be caused due to excessive exercise, age, being overweight, stress fractures and improperly fitting of shoes. It can be very intense pain as it spreads across the foot gradually and it increases when the person walks or runs. There are also several medical conditions that can cause pain in the ball of the foot. This pain however can be controlled through several different methods and treatment procedures. To maintain good foot health, these procedures should be applied.

 Treatments for ball of the foot pain

  1. Use of pain relievers

Using painkillers whenever there is pain in the foot can help at the moment that the individual is in pain. This is after the running, walking or exertive activity. The relief is temporary and has to be repeated each day.

  • Application of ice to the ball of the foot

After a day of running or walking, especially in ill-fitting shoes or high heeled shoes, applying ice to the ball of the foot can help reduce pain. This is done by placing the ice on the affected part for a few minutes each day while the ice is wrapped in a cloth.

  • Use of shock absorbing insoles

The runner or individual can use shock absorbing in soles can assist the foot especially during sports. These in soles help absorb the effect of the exercise at hand thereby protecting the foot from a lot of impact.

  • Rest
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After a hard day of running or walking in ill-fitting shoes, putting ones feet up and resting can assist relieve pain and heal the ball of foot.

  • Use of arch supports

In cases where there is need for prescribed medical intervention, the use of arch supports as prescribed by a doctor can assist to shift the balance of the foot properly. This eventually assists the foot to distribute the weight properly ensuring that there is less pressure to the ball of the foot.

  • Foot surgery

In extreme cases, there arises need for foot surgery. This is aimed at reshaping the metatarsal bones to release trapped nerves and straighten the foot bones properly.

  • Use flat soled shoes

Pain in the ball of the foot is often caused by high heeled shoes. To treat this therefore, wearing flat soled shoes can be effective.

Pain in the ball of the foot can be a very big deterrent to activity and comfortable life. To treat this issue, the simple yet effective methods suggested can be applied. They will assist heal the foot and effectively ensure good foot health.

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