Looking For The Top Insoles For Metatarsalgia?


Metatarsalgia can be a very big impediment to normal activity and in the case of runners, it can mean a total stop to running. This is because it is a source of incapacitating pain that often stops any activity that involves feet. This pain is usually felt after a lot of physical activity that involves the feet like running or walking in high heeled shoes.

Considering that these are activities that are very common to most people, handling this pain is a very vital requirement. There are several ways to handle metatarsalgia which involve the use of drugs and injections. There is also corrective surgery in cases which the pain is caused by a physical deformity in the foot. 

The simplest way to handle metatarsalgia however, is by the use of insoles and similar orthotic devices. These are inserted in the shoes of the runners or individuals that have a lot of activity and can eventually assist eliminate the occurrence of pain.

Best insoles for metatarsalgia.

  • Powerstep pinnacle plus orthotic insoles with met pad

These insoles are made with a cleverly contoured cushion material that is meant to support the foot and provide the most comfortable walking or running experience. They are also made with a doctor recommended metatarsal pad which helps the metatarsal area padded and comfortable. It also comes with a friction reducing anti-microbial top fabric and is ideal for athletic activity.

  • Pedag Viva orthotic arc support insoles

These insoles are made specifically for arch and forefoot support. They are also made to assist relieve pain. They are designed to be very thin while incorporating a shock absorbing heel cushion and they can fit most shoes and boots.

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  • New balance pressure relief insoles
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These insoles are made with a plastazote cover that helps provide better balance, pressure relief and proper weight distribution. They also have a cushioned metatarsal arch support that helps distribute pressure. This is effective in preventing plantar fasciitis and metatarslagia.  The plastazote cover also helps distribute foot heat.

  • Pedag comfort leather insoles

Made from soft gentle leather, these insoles come with a padded heel cushion and a t form metatarsal pad that helps handle the ball of foot part. It is designed to prevent and alleviate pain that is caused by flattened metatarsal arch. It is also made to prevent or heal splayfoot problems that often occur to the front of the foot.

  • Sorbothane ultra sole insoles

These soles are specifically designed to protect the feet of athletes. They are made with extra cushioning for top level support to the legs of runners and people who walk a lot. They are also made with brushed polyester fabric cover which removes moisture and keeps the feet dry.

The use of insoles can help to reduce the effects that come along with metatarsalgia and pain that comes from physical activity. This can be a very simple way to handle the issues that come from the activity and to avoid further issues.

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