Here Are The Best Metatarsal Pads For You


Metatarsal pain or metatarsalgia is a common problem to people who walk in high heeled shoes and those who exercise a lot. Runners, models and even ordinary people often experience pain in their feet after activity. The pain experienced is often due to movements in the feet and the metatarsal bones in the foot.

This pain can be annoying to the individual and be a deterrent to normal function especially for runners or athletes. Through the application of metatarsal pads in shoes, the pain can be managed and handled effectively.

A good metatarsal pad should be lightweight, durable and adequately thick. This would enable it survive the effect of the track and be able to survive the whole day.

Best metatarsal pads

  1. Sillipos softzone pure gel

These metatarsal pads are comfortable for the ladies that wear high heeled shoes. They are light and are made to stay just above the toe line. This makes them suitable for open toed high heeled shoes making them a great accessory. They are also very soft to cater for the soft female feet.

These pads are formulated to be very thick while still being flexible. They are also made with a rigged bottom to make sure they avoid slippage while in the shoe. They are great for use in running shoes as they are durable for use for a long time.

These pads are designed specifically for the dancers. They are designed to snugly fit the foot and not move around in the shoe. They are also made to be durable so that they serve all through dances.

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  • Pro-tec metatarsal lift pads

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These pads are made for use by individuals that don’t need a lot of padding up in the heel area. They fit snugly between the toes to the middle section of the legs and end there.

These pads are made with adhesive material which enables them to stick to the foot. They are specifically made for runners as they don’t need to be adjusted all the time.

  • Pedifix deluxe nylon covered metatarsal cushion

This is a pad made for open toe high heels. They are made to be soft and gentle and slim enough to fit high heeled shoes.

  • Footsmart metatarsal sleeve

This pad is made with a comfortable sleeve that fits it to the leg. It is comfortable and it fits the foot at the right position.

  • Pedifix visco-gel pads with toe loop

These pads are made with material to hold on to the foot and the toes.

  • Tuli gel pad

These pads are formulated to be lightweight but durable.

  1. Dr. jills pads

The ultimate metatarsal pads are supposed to be durable yet should be lightweight and comfortable to the foot. Dr jills pads are small and light enough to fit into a purse.

The use of metatarsal pads to handle foot pain and make the foot comfortable is a progressively positive idea nowadays. When carefully used they can assist maintain good foot health.

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