Should You Use Cushioned Insoles For Your Running Shoes?


Foot health issues are common occurrences to people that are accustomed to running or similar sports activities. This is often because the feet bear the brunt of the track and absorb the shock from landing on the hard surface.

Runners are probably the hardest hit by these issues as their feet hit the ground a lot during the event. This means that their feet face a lot of strain and in severe cases, secondary injury due to the effect of their activity.

To solve this issue effectively the runners can use shoes that have cushioned insoles. Cushioned insoles can assist the feet by absorbing the shock that comes from the feet hitting the ground. 

They can also help protect the feet from the impact since most of them are comfy and padded to give comfort to the running feet.

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Benefits of using cushioned insoles

  1. They absorb shock

Cushioned insoles assist the runner’s foot by absorbing the shock or impact that occurs when the foot hits the track again and again. This assists the foot by reducing the effect of running and ensuring that the foot doesn’t get too much pain from the run.

  • They assist stabilize the feet

Some shoes that runners use can be uncomfortable and when they don’t have insoles, they can cause imbalance to the runner. Cushioned insoles can effectively stabilize the foot as they cushion the foot from the impact of the shoe and the track.

  • They can control pain and strain to the foot and knees

Many runners complain about pain in the knees and the ankles after running. The use of cushioned insoles can assist eliminate the occurrence of these pains as they absorb the effect of the track and ensure that the run is comfortable and balanced.

  • It can assist with some foot conditions

Some issues like metatasarlgia and metatarsal fractures can be controlled by the use of padded insoles. These conditions often occur because the foot is in the direct impact of hitting the ground. This makes it very hard for runners as it can be a source of immense pain. However with the use of cushioned insoles and other recommended orthotics, the occurrence of these conditions can be altered.

  • Helps avoid shin splints

Shin splints occur to a lot of runners. This is because of the impact that is felt from running on hard surfaces to the shins.  However, using cushioned insoles during running can assist avoid these problems as they protect the foot from these injuries. Considering also that shin splints can lead to more serious injuries, the use of the insoles is made vital.

The use of cushioned insoles can be the difference between a good comfortable run and a painful run with several injuries.

It can also be a good way to handle certain deformities and conditions such as metatarsalgia on running feet which ordinary insoles cannot effectively handle.

This therefore means they are a valued addition to a runner’s shoe.

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