What Is Fibular Sesamoidectomy?


Sesamoidectomy is the process of removing sesamoids from the big toe to help handle the pains that come with sesamoiditis. Fibular sesamoidectomy can also be defined as the process that is applied to correct deformities in the big toe or the other toes through removal of the sesamoids bones.

This is done when the fibular sesamoids are considered to be laterally deviated. In some cases, the sesamoids are said to be left behind as the metatarsal head deviates medially.

This is a deformity that often leads to over pronation in the human foot which is an undesirable condition that can be the source of intense pain to the individual.

The fibular sesamoid in a normal patient who doesn’t have deformed bones or wrongly placed sesamoids is located directly beneath the first metatarsal head. In this case, the sesamoid can have issues because of injuries, medical conditions such as arthritis or osteonecrosis. This often necessitates the removal of the fibular sesamoid as usually there is no cure that can effectively handle these conditions.  This therefore means that for the foot of a normal patient to function correctly, the fibular sesamoid has to be removed through incision surgery to help maintain a normal walking situation. This is because when such health conditions occur or there is an accident, the fibular sesamoid can lead to a lot of pain in the foot.

Process of fibular sesamoidectomy

In a case where the big toe arrangement in a patient is normal, fibular sesamoidectomy is an easy approach as it can be accomplished by minor incision surgery. However, reaching the fibular sesamoid is not easy as it cannot be accessed through the dorsal approach. This therefore necessitates that the surgery has to be done from below the foot. The incision made on the lower foot is usually started from a little below the ball of the foot area and then directed upwards towards the space between the second toe and big toe.

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Once the incision has been made, the point where the fibular sesamoid is found is identified and adequately marked. The fibular sesamoid is then removed and the void is carefully sewn back to normal position.

Importance of fibular sesamoidectomy

The surgical removal of fibular sesamoidectomy in cases where there has been an injury or accident to the foot cannot be overstated. It assist the patient to walk normally as the condition can lead to a lot of pain if not handled properly. In cases of arthritis and osteonecrosis, this can be a huge relief as these conditions are already a source of great pain and any intervention that can ease that pain is very profitable.

However, in some cases, the removal of the fibular sesamoid leads to an imbalance in the foot.

This is often because the fibular sesamoid, as small as it is, is a part of the whole process of foot movement. Its removal therefore leaves a void in the foot which leads to imbalance.

With proper physical therapy, however, the imbalance can be handled.

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