Buy Metatarsal Pads At Walgreens Or Amazon?


Conventional footwear that is used by runners and ordinary people is often made to be flat or arched upward on the front. These shoes or sandals when worn over a long period of time eventually cause some issues to the foot. The human foot of a runner eventually shapes itself into the shape of the shoe that the runner wears. This is usually best seen in the toes as they extend excessively upward in the shape of the shoe. This is usually because of the extended application of weight on the foot by the runner’s foot. This extends the muscles under the foot excessively while exhausting the fat pad under the foot which makes the muscles above the foot strain a lot. The bones in this area of the foot end up without protection from the shocks of running or walking which can eventually lead to numerous foot problems such as neuromas and plantar fasciitis.

The metatarsal pad is formulated to be placed in a completely flat shoe under the foot to re align the toes to the proper position.  They are made to help spread the transverse arch which is the arch behind the ball of the foot to promote the return of overextended toes to their normal anatomical placement position. When used properly and with other applications such as the toe spacer, the metatarsal pad has been seen to help maintain good foot health and re align it to proper posture.

Benefits of using the metatarsal pad

  1. Re-aligns the toes

The metatarsal pad assists re align the toes that have been overextended to the right position. This assists maintain the runners foot in the right order and avoids the occurrence of secondary injuries

  • Improves foot health

Through re alignment of the toes and the metatarsal, the use of a metatarsal pad by a runner ensures that the foot is in optimum health position and is fit for running at all times. This means the runner can achieve better running distances without the occurrence of foot health issues.

  • Reduces foot pain

Running and walking can cause pain in a runner’s foot afterwards. Without proper metatarsal alignment, the pain in the foot commonly called metatarsalgia can be intense. The use of the metatarsal pad therefore, can help reduce the occurrence of pain in the foot after a run.

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  • Provides comfort to the foot, muscles and bones.

The use of a metatarsal pad ensures that the runner’s foot is in the original position it is meant to be in while running or during walking. This means the foot is in total comfort while performing these tasks. This in the long term reduces the secondary injuries to the feet and make running a very easy task.

Metatarsal pads are a sure way to improve foot health and ensure proper performance of the foot at all times. Found on Walgreens, good quality metatarsal pads when placed at the proper point in the shoe helps a runner run longer, comfortably and ensure less pain after the run.

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