Overpronation Shoes – What Should You Get?

//Overpronation Shoes – What Should You Get?

Overpronation Shoes – What Should You Get?


Why it's important to choose the right running shoe! Once you understand your foot type and pronation, you can choose the right shoe. If you have normally shaped feet you want a running shoe that offers stability. A stability shoe has all the necessary components of a good running shoe: proper padding, slightly curved shape, good ankle and shin support, and they don't cause the foot to go in a certain direction while running. If you have overpronation, you may need a motion-controlled athletic shoe. These sneakers are straight and rigid, preventing the over rolling of the front of the foot. You will prevent injuries to your foot and increase your performance by wearing something that helps control your foot's natural tendency for overpronation. Underpronation runners need extra support and slight motion control to help their feet follow through with pronation. Wearing cushioned running shoes will help absorb shock, as underpronation causes you to hit the ground harder, and will also help steer your foot inward to help prevent injuries from underpronation. Once you know which type of sneaker works best for your foot type, visit a professional running store to try on a few pairs. Choosing the right athletic shoe is imperative to avoid injury and reach optimal performance while running. #running #fitness #fitnessclub #glowfit #runners #shoes #nike #adidas #reebok #riyadh #tahlia #saudi #ksa #ladies #gym #fit #health #healthy #صحة #قوة #نادي #نسائي #جلوفت #ركض #السعودية #الرياض #التحلية

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In the diverse world of running, there are some runners that are diagnosed with over pronation. Pronation is the way a foot rolls inward during walking or running to absorb the shock or the effect of the activity effectively.

It is a natural process that is of great help to the lower foot as it helps not only the runner’s foot but also the entire body. Over pronation occurs when the rolling of the foot inward on impact with the ground doesn’t happen completely.

The foot ends up sliding all the way in which leads to a condition that is often described as being flat footed. This therefore means that the shock from the foot hitting the ground during running or walking is not evenly spread in the foot.

The effects of overpronation are numerous as they involve the foot and eventually the whole body. Overpronation causes secondary injuries in the lower legs and the knees as they try to absorb the effect of running or walking.

Since over pronation is often associated with runners, this condition can be handled by the use of running shoes. Ordinary shoes do not take into consideration the effects of over pronation or the subsequent need for use of shoes that are designed for this condition.

This means that the runner who uses ordinary shoes during running faces the effects of over pronation because it is just the same as running barefoot. However, a runner who uses shoes that are specified for over pronation protects his feet during the run and won’t suffer the effects of over pronation.

Benefits of using overpronation specified shoes.

  1. Improved support

Over pronation shoes are designed to provide the runner with flat feet the comfort of support for the foot that they would not get when using normal shoes. This ensures a more comfortable run and reduces the occurrence of pain later.


  1. Reduces pain

Running is an activity and the after effect of running is often pain to the runner’s feet and leg muscles. The effects caused by over pronation can lead to a lot more pain as the shock of running is not absorbed properly. This means a runner who uses over pronation shoes will suffer less pain as they assist absorb the shock


  1. Increases the chances for a longer run

Pain during a run can make a runner stop running or reduce their daily mileage schedule. This is because running on painful feet is a tough thing to do. The pain that is caused as an after effect of over pronation is intense. This means that if a runner uses shoes specified for over pronation, they can run longer distances.


  1. Assists maintain foot and knee health

These shoes assist maintain the overall foot health and reduce the possibility of foot issues occurring.

overpronation shoes

There are several brands of shoes that are specified for handling over pronation. With the use of these shoes, a runner can maintain good foot health and ensure their success in running.

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