Overpronation Surgical Treatment


Overpronation is a condition where the foot of a person slides all the way in. This makes the foot flatfooted as the toes stretch all the way out and the arch of the foot is lost. This condition can be a cause of stress to the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot which eventually leads to pain in the leg. This pain can slowly aggravate to serious conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, shin splints and metatarslagia.

These can be a problem to runners and even to ordinary people. This issue can be handled by the use of orthotic devices which are inserted in the shoe. However in cases where there is an extended occurrence of this issue, there is need for corrective surgery. This often involves different kinds of surgery. There is surgery where devices are inserted in the leg to assist with the process of correcting the overpronation issue and in some cases there is surgery where the bone formation or order is altered to be in the original or required angle.

Types of Overpronation Surgery

Insertion surgery

This kind of surgery is done on individuals whose feet over pronate due to some form of deformation in the toes or in the toes. It can also be done on people whose feet are normal but other forms of surgery are recommended for those cases as it is not entirely necessary to apply this on such cases. It involves the insertion of healing or corrective devices in several parts of the foot that will influence the pronation process in the feet.

 The insertion of devices such as hypocure implants to the foot are done surgically and are aimed directly at improving the arch in the foot. In cases where the persons overprontation is due to a failure in the toe area to provide the arch, this insertions work perfectly and can successfully assist in the proper pronation of the foot. This system however comes with therapy after the insertion which can sometimes involve quite some pain as the insertion is a foreign object in the system. However with proper insertion and care, this method can successfully delete over pronation.

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 Corrective surgery

Corrective surgery is the most common and most frequently applied ways to correct over pronation. It often involves different ways of re aligning the bone mass in the foot to be in the right order so as to ensure proper pronation.  It is done by identifying the state of arrangement the bones in the foot before surgery.

This is done by X rays and once it has been identified where the issue is, the surgeon then proceeds to cut off the unnecessary bone matter and re align the others where necessary to aid in the process of proper pronation.

This process is often done severally as the right order of the bones may not be achieved the first time. However when done properly it can lead to a lasting solution for over pronation.

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