What Is The Treatment For Overpronation


Over pronation is a condition that occurs when a runner’s foot moves all the way in during running or walking.

This causes the foot to be flat which is not normal. Over pronation leads to a lot of complications in the foot which include simple issues like pain, discomfort during physical exertion and complex issues such as plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. These issues can cause a lot of pain for a runner and could eventually mess up the foot health completely.

There are several ways to treat over pronation. These methods range from simple orthotics to complex insertion surgery procedures.

Treatment procedures for over pronation

  • Exercises

The effects of over pronation can be effectively depleted by exercising the foot. Such simple exercises as the duck stand which involves rotating the legs out in a standing position can assist the gluteal muscles control the level of foot pronation. These exercises assist the muscles to re program and pan out properly and eventually assist control the pronation of the foot

There is also the side step with opposite reach exercise. This involves standing on top of a BT dome and stretching out the body in an opposite reach position. This assists the foot by ensuring that the arch of the foot is activated and that the stabilizing muscles in the foot are strengthened.

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The third exercise is called the step up and over exercise. It involves standing with the front foot ahead and bent and the back foot on the BT dome. This exercise helps strengthen the muscles in the foot which would eventually improve pronation.

  • Foot orthotics

The application of foot orthotic devices in shoes is another way to treat over pronation. These are custom made devices that are placed in the shoe below the fallen arch to support it in the shape it should be in. There are several over the counter orthotic devices that can be used for this purpose. It is often considered the simplest way to treat over pronation as it involves very little process.

  • Corrective surgery

Another treatment of over pronation is corrective surgery. Surgery to the foot is done to re align the bones in the foot to the correct position. This surgical procedure often involves cutting off part of the bones or in some cases the use of plates and screws to hold the bones in the desired position until they are properly aligned. After the surgery, the individual undertakes physical therapy to train the bones back to the original systems.

  • Extra  osseous talotarsal stabilization

This is a surgical procedure that involves the insertion of a stent into the space below the ankle bone. This assists re align and stabilize the ankle bone while allowing normal pronation to occur.

These procedures ranging from simple insertions in shoes and simple exercises to corrective surgical procedures can assist to correct or effectively heal over pronation. Considering the amount of pain that over pronation can cause and the possible secondary injuries that could occur due to ignorance, these procedures should be practiced to ensure good foot health.

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