Here Are Your Options For Sesamoiditis Relief


Sesamoiditis is described as a sharp numbing pain within the ball of the foot area. It is usually as a result of the inflammation from the sesamoid bones that are found around the big toe of a human’s foot. This inflammation or pain is usually because of previous accidents to the area within which the sesamoids are found or due to medical conditions such as arthritis and osteonecrosis. This pain can also be from a lot of activity as a lot of activity often leads to stress to the sesamoids. In some cases, the use of high heeled shoes can lead to sesamoiditis as these shoes tend to stress the foot a lot. After a long day, there are several relief mechanisms that can be applied to ease the pain that is felt in the sesamoids. There is surgical intervention, medicines and orthotics that can be used to ease the pain. These can help provide the much needed relief that a person needs after a long day and ensure that the individual doesn’t have secondary injuries that can result from long term sesamoiditis.

Strategies for sesamoiditis relief.

  1. Icing.

This practice is the simplest method to handle sesamoiditis. It involves placing a bottle of water in the freezer and once it has frozen, the individual then places his or her legs on top of the bottle for as long as is necessary for the pain to subside. This can be repeated as often as possible and is a successful strategy to tackling sesamoiditis. However, it offers relief only and doesn’t offer the option of full treatment for the issue nor does it prevent it from happening again.

  • Anti-inflammatory medicines and injections

At the moment that a person is experiencing pain from sesamoiditis, there is a need for urgent and effective solution. Taking anti-inflammatory medicines or injections that are prescribed by a medical practitioner can offer the needed relief and help ease the pain. This however, is a temporary solution to sesamoiditis and it doesn’t prevent recurrent occurrences of the pain.

  • Sesamoid relief sleeve

This is a sleeve that is formulated to assist relieve the pain that results from sesamoiditis. It is worn under the foot and it assists to reduce the pressure that is placed on the sesamoids. Considering that this is the major reason why there is usually pain in the sesamoids, this sleeve can assist to reduce the occurrence of this pain. They work by re distributing the pressure caused by walking outward in the whole foot hence relieving it from the sesamoids.

  • Arch support.

The arch in every human’s foot is not similar to the others. Those individuals with higher arches in their feet therefore exert a lot of pressure on their sesamoid bones which can lead to sesamoiditis. Wearing arch supports can therefore assist relieve the pain and avoid its occurrence.

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Sesamoiditis can be a big impediment to normal activity especially for athletic individuals. To avoid this eventuality, the application of these relief strategies can be very handy.

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