Treatment Exercises For Sesamoiditis


Sesamoiditis is described as a sharp, inflammatory numbing pain in the ball of the foot area of a foot. It normally occurs after intense or continuous exercise that affects the sesamoids. Sesamoids are two little bones that are found in the tendons of the big toe. When they are affected or injured, mostly by intense exercise, they lead to pain in the ball of foot area. There are several recommended solutions to this issue. These include corrective surgery that often involves the removal of these bones or in some cases the insertion of corrective metals in and around the sesamoid bone area to cater for this issue. The use of orthotic pads is also another way that is recommended for the handling of sesamoiditis related inflammation. The simplest method to handle this issue however, is through exercises. Some simple exercises can help alter the effects of sesamoiditis and eventually heal the sesamoids.

Exercises that help treat sesamoiditis

  1.  Toe crunches

Considering that the sesamoid bones are located in the big toe, treating this issue should start at the point of origin. This exercise is geared towards ensuring that there is better movement in that toe by exercising the toes.  After the pain and inflammation in the toes, toe crunches can assist by reducing the pain and when done a few times, they can assist restore movement. Toe crunches are done by grabbing up and dropping a towel using the toes. While the individual is seated in a chair or bed, they pick up a towel off the floor using the toes and then drop it. This exercise is to be repeated severally for it to be effective.

  • Foot raises

This exercise is usually done when the pain and inflammation have subsided completely as it can aggravate pain. After resting the affected feet for a little while, applying ice or wearing appropriate footwear to help ease the pain, this exercise can work very well to strengthen the sesamoids.  While standing in the upright position, the individual then proceeds to rise up on their toes. This lift will be held up for approximately two counts before getting back down. When repeated around ten to fifteen times a day, it can assist the sesamoids work better and reduce the pain.

  • Simple range of motion

This exercise is done when there is inflammation and pain in the toes. It is aimed at releasing pain in the toes gradually. Simple toe stretches can assist to restore mobility in the toes as the inflammation subsides. It is done when the individual is seated comfortably and it involves extending the leg with the affected toe. After extending the leg out completely, and while using just the foot muscles, the toe is the curled under then pulled back towards the individual.  These exercise will then be repeated severally for the best effect.

Sesamoiditis can be a great issue to most individuals as it often causes a lot of pain for the individual. However with these simple exercises, the condition can be brought under control.

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