Here Are The Best Metatarsal Pads For You


Metatarsal pain or metatarsalgia is a common problem to people who walk in high heeled shoes and those who exercise a lot. Runners, models and even ordinary people often experience pain in their feet after activity. The pain experienced is often due to movements in the feet and the metatarsal bones in the foot.

This pain can be annoying to the individual and be a deterrent to normal function especially for runners or athletes. Through the application of metatarsal pads in shoes, the pain can be managed and handled effectively.

A good metatarsal pad should be lightweight, durable and adequately thick. This would enable it survive the effect of the track and be able to survive the whole day.

Best metatarsal pads

  1. Sillipos softzone pure gel

These metatarsal pads are comfortable for the ladies that wear high heeled shoes. They are light and are made to stay just above the toe line. This makes them suitable for open toed high heeled shoes making them a great accessory. They are also very soft to cater for the soft female feet.

These pads are formulated to be very thick while still being flexible. They are also made with a rigged bottom to make sure they avoid slippage while in the shoe. They are great for use in running shoes as they are durable for use for a long time.

These pads are designed specifically for the dancers. They are designed to snugly fit the foot and not move around in the shoe. They are also made to be durable so that they serve all through dances.

  • Pro-tec metatarsal lift pads

These pads are made for use by individuals that don’t need a lot of padding up in the heel area. They fit snugly between the toes to the middle section of the legs and end there.

These pads are made with adhesive material which enables them to stick to the foot. They are specifically made for runners as they don’t need to be adjusted all the time.

  • Pedifix deluxe nylon covered metatarsal cushion

This is a pad made for open toe high heels. They are made to be soft and gentle and slim enough to fit high heeled shoes.

  • Footsmart metatarsal sleeve

This pad is made with a comfortable sleeve that fits it to the leg. It is comfortable and it fits the foot at the right position.

  • Pedifix visco-gel pads with toe loop

These pads are made with material to hold on to the foot and the toes.

  • Tuli gel pad

These pads are formulated to be lightweight but durable.

  1. Dr. jills pads

The ultimate metatarsal pads are supposed to be durable yet should be lightweight and comfortable to the foot. Dr jills pads are small and light enough to fit into a purse.

The use of metatarsal pads to handle foot pain and make the foot comfortable is a progressively positive idea nowadays. When carefully used they can assist maintain good foot health.

Buy Metatarsal Pads At Walgreens Or Amazon?


Conventional footwear that is used by runners and ordinary people is often made to be flat or arched upward on the front. These shoes or sandals when worn over a long period of time eventually cause some issues to the foot. The human foot of a runner eventually shapes itself into the shape of the shoe that the runner wears. This is usually best seen in the toes as they extend excessively upward in the shape of the shoe. This is usually because of the extended application of weight on the foot by the runner’s foot. This extends the muscles under the foot excessively while exhausting the fat pad under the foot which makes the muscles above the foot strain a lot. The bones in this area of the foot end up without protection from the shocks of running or walking which can eventually lead to numerous foot problems such as neuromas and plantar fasciitis.

The metatarsal pad is formulated to be placed in a completely flat shoe under the foot to re align the toes to the proper position.  They are made to help spread the transverse arch which is the arch behind the ball of the foot to promote the return of overextended toes to their normal anatomical placement position. When used properly and with other applications such as the toe spacer, the metatarsal pad has been seen to help maintain good foot health and re align it to proper posture.

Benefits of using the metatarsal pad

  1. Re-aligns the toes

The metatarsal pad assists re align the toes that have been overextended to the right position. This assists maintain the runners foot in the right order and avoids the occurrence of secondary injuries

  • Improves foot health

Through re alignment of the toes and the metatarsal, the use of a metatarsal pad by a runner ensures that the foot is in optimum health position and is fit for running at all times. This means the runner can achieve better running distances without the occurrence of foot health issues.

  • Reduces foot pain

Running and walking can cause pain in a runner’s foot afterwards. Without proper metatarsal alignment, the pain in the foot commonly called metatarsalgia can be intense. The use of the metatarsal pad therefore, can help reduce the occurrence of pain in the foot after a run.

  • Provides comfort to the foot, muscles and bones.

The use of a metatarsal pad ensures that the runner’s foot is in the original position it is meant to be in while running or during walking. This means the foot is in total comfort while performing these tasks. This in the long term reduces the secondary injuries to the feet and make running a very easy task.

Metatarsal pads are a sure way to improve foot health and ensure proper performance of the foot at all times. Found on Walgreens, good quality metatarsal pads when placed at the proper point in the shoe helps a runner run longer, comfortably and ensure less pain after the run.

Dealing With Metatarsalgia With Metatarsal Pads


Metatarsal pads are utilized to spread your transverse arch (transverse arch are arch behind the ball of your foot that tends across the width of your foot) enhance the return of your overextended toes to their typical anatomical position, and enhance the bringing back of your forefoot fat pads to its correct position supporting your metatarsal heads. Metatarsals are the long, thin bones in the mid-foot.

The metatarsals head are at the ball of your foot, and they interface with the base of your toes. Metatarsal pads help to appropriately realign your metatarsal heads and the fat pads that are underneath them. This, thusly, can rectify and realign your toes, particularly when your metatarsal pads are utilized as a part of conjunction with some toe-separating item. Metatarsal pads are usually utilized as a basic and inexpensive traditionalist treatment for various conditions. Such include metatarsalgia, diabetic fringe neuropathy, pes planu and rheumatoid joint inflammation, and so on.

Will Metatarsal Pads Be Effective?

The use of metatarsal pads is the backbone in treating neuromas with orthotics. The reason for metatarsal pads is to exchange the weight near to the metatarsal shafts be that as it may, on account of neuromas; the design is to isolate the metatarsal heads. The utilization of metatarsal pads expands the width of the forefoot, supporting the utilization of metatarsal pads in treating neuromas. Metatarsal cushions come in different sizes and shapes. It is all around acknowledged that one should not put the metatarsal pads under the metatarsal head but near to the metatarsal heads. The width of the cushion should aid the 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsal heads, and maintain a strategic distance from the first and fifth metatarsal heads. Be mindful so as to abstain from extending the cushion near the tarsometatarsal joints.

The essential component is the place to put the metatarsal pad. Do you put it at the main edge of the orthotic plate or have it stretch out distally to the plantar plate? One should put the cushion near to the metatarsal head and only a distance to the distal edge of the orthotic. The distally placed metatarsal pads lessened the much weight on metatarsal heads. The shape, material and size of the metatarsal pads may have some impact on help also. Metatarsal cushions, when correctly set inside a totally level shoe with an adequately wide toe box, can fix muscle awkwardness in your foot. Metatarsal pads help to reconfigure your foot to the right position; that is, with spread metatarsal heads, spread toes, and a fat cushion found straightforwardly underneath the delicate bones and nerves in the bundle of your foot. Various foot and lower furthest point issues can be avoided or turned around by reestablishing your natural foot life structures and capacity.

How Would I Fit a Metatarsal Pad?

Patients with tormenting metatarsalgia may gain noteworthy advantage from the utilization of metatarsal pads as these pads will have a tendency to offload the zone of most weight. When you put the met pad on your insole, it’s best to remove the insole from the shoe before beginning. This can help you protect appropriate position. A great many people believe that the metatarsal pad arrangement should be on the real wad of the foot since that is the place the torment is. In any case, this is a typical misguided judgment. While applying the met cushion, begin with pushing on the chunk of the foot (the cushioned region just beneath your toes on the base of your foot). What do you feel? You should have the capacity to feel a more extensive and flatter region on each of your toe bones; this is known as the metatarsal head.

Now with your finger still on the base of your foot on the metatarsal heads, utilize your other hand to twist your toes. As you do this, you’ll feel the joints region, which is the area where two bones meet. The metatarsal pad position ought to go right underneath the joints that you feel. That implies that the met cushion is for all intents and purposes amidst the foot. When you have the met cushion arrangement in this area, certain things will happen: The entire curve in the metatarsal region will be lifted with the pad. This is the objective, so on the off chance that you accomplish it, you’re doing admirably. As the metatarsal curve of your foot is presently lifted, the toes will drop descending. At the point when this happens, you have successfully expelled the weight from them. As you stroll forward, the pad will pull your toes descending. This expels the weight from this territory when you are strolling.

It’s critical to put your metatarsal pads accurately in your shoes. Improper positioning of cushions is uncomfortable and could intensify your foot condition. Likewise, as with Correct Toes, it’s critical to utilize metatarsal pads in shoes that are totally level and broadest at the closures of your toes, not exactly at the ball.

Metatarsalgia is a concept based on the idea that pain in metatarsals can be determined as such, and treated. The problem with this notion is that people are not able to determine if metatarsal pain actually exists outside of their own minds.
As a result of this, people have come to the conclusion that metatarsalgia is a real phenomenon.However, it is important to note that the term metatarsalgia has no meaning outside of human minds.Because of this, it can be concluded that metatarsalgia is not a real phenomenon.This is merely a symptom of humans attempting to understand pain through language.When someone claims to have metatarsalgia, what they are really experiencing is pain in their metatarsals.
This is just one point of view… what do you think?